How to Have Gleaming Hardwood Floors

You chose prefinished hardwood flooring. Now you are at a loss how to maintain its gleam and shine. Stop guessing and read this article or fo find the flooring contractor to ask what is best for your floor. Here are simple easy-to-follow tips to keep your hardwood floors shiny and clean.

What is the finish? Find out what is the finish used on your flooring. It is not the same as the wood type of the floor. You have to know the seal used on your flooring before you take out the mop. Surface sealed floors are easiest to clean while penetrating-seal-treated and oil-treated floors need specific products.

Make sure you ask the flooring pros what they used for your Austin home. It would certainly keep you off the guesswork. They might also be able to help which products should you avoid applying on your floor as there are specific do’s and don’t’s for the different flooring finishes.

When to clean high traffic areas? There are places in your home where people usually go such as the kitchen. Clean these areas frequently by sweeping daily. For spaces where foot traffic isn’t heavy, you can mop once or twice a week. Corners don’t really need to cleaned every week; once every season may be enough.

How to clean properly? Go with the grain. And since water is wood’s #1 enemy, make sure you are not working with a soaking mop. Wring it out to make it damp and not soaked. Go in the direction of the grain of your hardwood floor. If you need to be on all fours, it is recommended you do so.

If you see some scuff marks on your flooring, don’t panic. Get a sponge and put some baking soda on it. That’ll take care of the marks. As for stubborn stains, find a good commercial cleaner to get rid of it. And if you think your finish isn’t as gleaming as it should be, sand it off a little then apply a coating or two. Find a hardwood flooring pro to advise you though. We wouldn’t want you to oversand it or use the wrong coating.

These are tips on how you can maintain gleaming hardwood floors. Dull floors are eye sores for meticulous homeowners. If you haven’t installed hardwood flooring, you can contact a flooring expert now that you know how to keep it clean.