Flooring: Make the Right Choice

Flooring decisions are sometimes difficult.  What are your choices when it comes to flooring?   Many older Austin homes came with carpeting.  While carpeting has its advantages (mainly the fact that it feels good underfoot), it also has a whole list of disadvantages:
Hardwood Floors Austin

  • Very difficult to keep looking good, especially when there are pets in the house.  Carpeting shows stains, shows traffic patterns and wear and often doesn’t respond well to shampooing or carpet cleaning.  Darker colors will, of course, not show stains and dirt as readily, but they will also make a small room appear smaller. Nothing will make a house look shabby quicker than worn-out, stained carpeting!
  • Carpeting is an indoor air pollutant. It tends to harbor odors (again, especially if there are pets in the house) and contributes dust and fibers into the air.  The polyester of new carpeting tends to off-gas fumes into the house, and vacuuming throws even more dust and pollutants into the air.
  • Carpeting doesn’t have a very long lifespan. After about 8 to 10 years, most carpeting (especially cheaper carpeting) will show its age and wear, especially in a busy house…and will never really look good again.

Some newer homes have ceramic tile or other tile flooring, but tile has its disadvantages too.  Some tiles can crack easily, and most tile is very unforgiving if you drop a plate or dish onto it. Older (1950s and 60s) homes often have linoleum or asbestos tile that is not only out-of-date, but it’s impossible to keep looking good after being in place for 50-plus years.

Stained concrete floors have come into style for some homes as well; while they’re the ultimate in durability, they also tend to be very cold in the winter and (obviously) unforgiving.

Why not just go with hardwood?
Hardwood flooring
offers a variety of styles, species, installation methods, patterns, grains, colors and about anything else you can think of that would mean a good fit for your particular home.  It can be sophisticated and refined, or casual and inviting.  It goes with about any other choice of décor in your home, and if you’re worried about how warm your feet will stay in the winter, you can just put down area rugs!

One of the best things about newer wood floors is the amount of choices and flexibility they offer for the money.  With various installation methods and materials, hardwoods can work in practically any house, and at a budget that’s far lower than you might expect. Installation, though, is something that can be pretty tricky and is beyond the grasp of many do-it-yourselfers or less qualified contractors and installers.  Give us a call, talk to us about what kind of flooring might be a good fit for your house and your needs, and let our experienced flooring technicians come out and give your floors a face-lift.