Laminate Flooring – a Durable Alternative to Hardwood for Austin homeowners

Laminate flooring, while attractive and durable, isn’t really a wood floor at all.  Laminate flooring is actually a photograph of the wood’s surface bonded to multiple layers of material underneath.  Laminate floors are also available with finishes that mimic tile, stone, slate, marble or any number of other materials.

Hardwood Floor
One of the biggest advantages of a laminate floor is its durability and toughness – laminates like Pergo can withstand a dropped bowling ball without so much as a dent or a scrape.  That kind of toughness makes them practically invulnerable to pets or foot traffic – laminates are easy to clean, burn resistant, easy to maintain.  It’s also nearly impossible for laminate flooring to fade from sunlight (an important consideration in Austin summers).  That same durability has made laminate a popular choice in recent years for classrooms, hotels, offices and other commercial installations.

For homeowners in Austin, laminate floors are attractive because of the wide variety of colors and finishes they offer.  Laminates also tend to be easy on the wallet, with prices for materials and installation that are notably lower than their wood or engineered wood equivalents.

Laminate floors also have a great advantage in ease of installation. Laminates are never glued or nailed to the subfloor surface – instead, laminate flooring is always the “floating” variety, with a foam pad underlayment between the floor and subfloor or existing floor material.  As long as the floor is flat and level, laminates can be floated over a variety of materials, including tile, vinyl, plywood, particle board, OSB or concrete.  At the baseboard, laminates can also be much easier to match up with the right molding or quarter-round for appearance’s sake.

Laminates come in planks or strips, which are cut to fit and then snapped into place with tongue-and-groove joints. The underlayment not only reduces the wear and tear on the floor, but it’s easier on the feet and knees and reduces the noise factor (otherwise the joints in the laminate planks can click when you walk across the floor).  The glueless, nail-less installation is a big part of the reduced cost of laminate flooring.

Like wood floors, laminate floor installation in Austin, Texas are a good choice for about any room in the house other than the bathroom.  As far as pets, no flooring does well with pet urine, especially if the urine soaks through the flooring material and into the concrete subfloor underneath.  Laminate floors are a little more water-resistant and easier to clean up, however.  They don’t ever need to be polished or waxed, and

The same technology that goes into laminate flooring’s photographic finish, however, makes it impossible to refinish a laminate floor.  Sanding off the top layer of finish will leave nothing but the underlying material.  Other than that, though, taking care of laminate flooring is easy.  Sweeping and damp mopping a laminate floor is all you need to do (do not use a wet mop, though – the flooring can buckle or cup from the excess moisture).

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